Pool Management Services Education


Providing a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience is the primary goal of Greater Houston Pool Management. We promote water safety in three different ways:

Staffing & Training

GHPM employees are hired and trained to ensure the safety of all your residents:

  • Our staff is certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR/AED For Professional Rescuer/Health Care Provider and Trained in Bloodborne Pathogens and Oxygen Administration (O2).
  • Every year the staff participate in pre-season training prior to the pools opening. The training covers policies and procedures, safety issues and emergency guidelines/skills.
  • We continually review and enhance our staff’s skills throughout the summer season with weekly in-service trainings and performance audits to ensure each team member meets our high standards.
  • Personnel are trained in facility and pool cleaning, water chemistry, and pool pump filter maintenance to provide a healthy, sanitary environment for your swimmers.

Community Education

GHPM is continually striving to educate pool patrons on swimming pool safety by:

  • Creating safety brochures highlighting pool rules and areas of concern for various facilities.
  • Collaborating with several organizations on printing pool rules in multiple languages for non-English speaking patrons.
  • Distributing “Water Recreational Illness Education Campaign” that includes Center for Disease Control posters, brochures, and staff education to help protect our patrons against waterborne germs.
  • Holding Basic Water Rescue classes for various interested facilities. Basic Water Rescue is a 4 hour class that introduces topics relating to safety in and around the water. It meets the training requirements for foster parents that have pools in thier back yards. Associations interested in holding a Basic Water Rescue class, please contact our Training Director.

Water Safety Fundraisers

GHPM is an active member of the Safe Kids Greater Houston Coalition Water Safety Risk Area. As a team member, GHPM helps support the "Kids Don't Float" Life Jacket Loaner Program that was initiated under a partnership with Texas Children's Hospital - Children's Center for Childhood Injury Prevention and the Safe Kids Greater Houston Coalition. Today, the coalition consists of various water safety team representatives from over 22 federal, state, local agencies and organizations across the Greater Houston Area. The water safety programs, projects, events, and initiatives began out of a concern to protect families, especially children, from drowning, a quick and silent killer. It's aim is to build water safety awareness by promoting usage of personal flotation devices. GHPM is the only pool management company to participate in the "Kids Don't FLoat" Jacket Loaner Program. GHPM provides 3 sizes of life jackets (infant, child, youth) at each of the facilities we manage to help encourage and ensure safety at its facilities.

During the 2012 summer season, GHPM worked with SafeKids to promote safe swimming throughout the Houston area.

  • GHPM employee’s raised $3,697 for SafeKids.

We are looking forward to the 2013 summer season fundraiser. We would love to have the participation of your community! If you are interested in having your community participate in the 2013 Safe Kids fundraiser please contact our Fundraiser Chairperson

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